5 Benefits of Crowdsourcing for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

As a small business entrepreneur, it’s easy to wind up time poor. One of the biggest challenges in today’s fast paced, tech-driven world is ensuring the creative branding around your business is on the money.

The must-have toolkit includes an effective logo, a smart website and a uniform social media presence to catch the eye of media-savvy customers. You need to be recognizable and memorable. Launching without the right branding is a risk, and a shift in branding can be a slow and costly process.

Here are five reasons why so many small and medium-sized businesses are turning to crowdsourcing marketplaces such as DesignCrowd to fulfill their needs.

1. Faster Results

Traditional agencies often do a great job of delivering a well-tailored pitch, but the timescale of that turnaround can sometimes be a hindrance. It is sometimes simply not feasible to provide dedicated resources to finding one specific partner and negotiating an appropriate contract.

The crowdsourcing approach allows you to go straight to the market with your design brief and invite a whole community of creative people to submit their unique ideas immediately. At DesignCrowd, we have a community of more than half a million designers working around the world. That means no matter where you are, there will likely be designers who can instantly start work on your contest. In fact, most customers receive their first designs within a couple of hours. This gives an early indication of whether the brief is set up correctly and if you have directed the designers in the right way.

2. More Affordable

Many users who have never used crowdsourcing before worry that it is expensive. Conversely, if the cost is lower than a traditional agency, they think it’s because they will receive lower quality results. In reality, utilizing a pool of thousands of willing and qualified designers can significantly lower the costs and yield fantastic work. There are no inflexible, locked in contracts. And since having someone on the books to handle your creative can be prohibitively costly, crowdsourcing your customized graphic design through DesignCrowd is an affordable way to develop the variety of creative assets you need to build your brand.

The process also comes with a lot more financial flexibly, as you can set your own budget. The competition between designers means the costs are kept down and you can choose additional features to ensure you get the most designs and best quality for the price.

3. More Creative

Some of the world’s most renowned businesses utilize crowdsourcing to tap into the knowledge, skills and creativity of a massive network of potential brand advocates. Despite this, there remains a common misconception that a larger pool of talent somehow equates to low quality. This comes from the erroneous assumption that designers entering competitions are lazy and uncommitted, not experienced enough or too underqualified. However, the truth is competition drives top quality. Freelance designers are keen to get on your shortlist and win the prize in order to make money and grow their portfolios. The process opens up the design space to extremely talented types who may work as a designer part-time, or who prefer to work with clients without the overhead of an agency. No one fighting for recognition and acclaim is going to enter poor quality work which will reflect badly on them.

By crowdsourcing, you can tap into the best designs the world has to offer with few limits. You can get countless more designs from a large number of creative minds, and ultimately develop or refresh your branding for a portion of the usual cost.

A typical project on DesignCrowd receives around 100 designs, all of which you can flip through until you find the one that speaks to your mission and brand identity.

4. More Collaborative

Working with a single artist can be a laborious, time-consuming process. You have to walk your designer through what you’re looking for, share ongoing feedback and worry about making your concerns clear. So, far from leaving your design future in the hands of a single agency or a freelance friend of yours, crowdsourcing on DesignCrowd enables you to enjoy a more streamlined process and present a brief that drills down on your key demands.

There is less risk multiple minds will all fail to understand your brand. Designers work faster and smarter when there’s more competition and less pressure to deliver on a contract. You should provide feedback on the designs you like during the contest, but you are essentially left free to focus on developing your business while the creative elements flow in.

Because artists are essentially bidding for your business, you never have to settle for anything less than excellence, and if you can’t decide on your shortlist of designs, you can directly poll your friends, followers, colleagues and customers online to help you choose the winner. You can also eliminate designs you know are not right for your brand and request changes from designers you feel are close to nailing it.

5. No risk

If you haven’t always got the time to read the small print of every contract you sign, you can leave yourself open to poor delivery of designs and a multitude of hidden extra fees. Crowdsourcing puts the cost up front and makes everything clear for the design community. There are no restrictions on when you can assess the designs, and you can make tweaks to your brief as you go to tailor the results coming in.

Once you have paid your initial cost, you will not have to renegotiate further down the line. The payment structure is set and DesignCrowd handles the final payment to your winning designer. Our model also offers a 100% money back guarantee on contest project budgets. This means you do not pay for the designs if you are not happy with them.

And if you’re concerned about ownership of the material, don’t be! We always ensure the copyright of the assets is handed over to you.

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