10 Blogs and Websites Latina Entrepreneurs Should Follow for Growth and Inspiration

Latina women own 1.9 million companies in the U.S. as of 2016. Owning a business is demanding, and while it can offer tremendous personal, professional and financial rewards, it’s critical to have access to the right support and resources to get ahead. Networking with other entrepreneurs and following business thought leaders can provide a sounding board, help you grow your business and reinforce your personal mission. Here’s a quick list of 10 resources that can help entrepreneurs on their business journeys.

10 Blogs and Websites Latina Entrepreneurs Should Follow for Growth and Inspiration

  1. Latin Business Today

Latin Business Today is a publication dedicated to sharing the latest developments in the Latin business community. They offer insights into a wide variety of different topics, from service-driven pieces on how to obtain financing to looking at the latest trends affecting business today. The site is constantly updated and provides a one-stop shop for keeping a pulse on what’s happening now.

  1. Latina Style Magazine

Latina Style is a magazine that has been in business for more than 20 years. It’s a groundbreaking publication that’s dedicated to meeting the needs of Latina professionals and business owners. With a readership of more than half a million people, Latina Style focuses on content ranging from inspiring entrepreneur and professional women’s profiles to practical service pieces that help Latina entrepreneurs run their businesses.

  1. Hispano Entrepreneur podcast

In the Hispano Entrepreneur podcast, host Marcie Quintana interviews a wide variety of Latino entrepreneurs about their personal experiences in business. She takes a very practical twist and focuses on what each guest can teach the broader business community. Her interview subjects range from technology entrepreneurs to coffee moguls to authors.

  1. Nely Galan

Nely Galan is a media and real estate entrepreneur, who is building on her success as the first Latina president of a U.S. Network, Telemundo. Now she’s inspiring other women entrepreneurs through her Adelante Movement community. Adelante offers training, an online community and live events for members, and you can join by signing up online.

  1. National Hispanic Business Group

The National Hispanic Business Group was founded in 1985, and offers members a range of events, networking opportunities and more. The NHBG is active in policy advocacy on behalf of Hispanic-owned businesses and may be of particular interest to entrepreneurs coming from a corporate background.

  1. The Latin Business Association

The Latin Business Association was established almost 40 years ago. Today, the Association helps members through a wide variety of programs ranging from certifications to access to capital initiatives to training and consulting services. The organization represents more than 800,000 Latin-owned and operated businesses in California.

  1. National Hispanic Business Women Association

The National Hispanic Business Women Association is an organization dedicated to helping Latina entrepreneurs grow their business and thrive personally. The organization’s website offers a variety of scholarships, events, training and resources. Their resources section is especially valuable, providing links to Spanish language resources on everything from talking with the IRS to managing your employees.

  1. Latinas Think Big

Latinas Think Big is a network and community for entrepreneurs. Members can sign up online, connect with other members, access advising through “Digital Office Hours,” participate in online and in-person events and take part in the magazine. For business owners seeking a strong community of other women who are focused on growth, Latinas Think Big can offer those resources.

  1. Latina Bloggers Connect

Latina Bloggers Connect is an organization that has created a community for online Latina bloggers to network, share content and more. For business owners, their website is a great opportunity and starting point to find new bloggers to follow.

  1. StarterPad’s “Best content for women entrepreneurs” list

StarterPad’s list of the best sites for women entrepreneurs provides more than 20 sites that are geared toward everything from starting a business to finding a mentor. Their round-up is one of the best, highlighting important sites like Catalyst, Forte and Girls Who Code. If you’re seeking new references or just looking for a new community online, it’s a great place to launch your explorations.

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