25 Holiday Promotion Ideas For Your Small Business

Tons of little (and big) holiday promotion ideas are out there to leverage in your brand’s marketing efforts as the end of the year holidays approach. So, how can you set yourself apart from the competition? Check out these 25 fun ways to promote your business during the holidays:

  1. Film a fun holiday promotional YouTube video.

Video is all the rage when it’s catchy enough. Get your staff members together and create a themed video about your business – holiday focused or not. Share it using your social media channels, and show your customers how fun and personable your business is.

  1. Create yearly calendars with your business’s name on them.

Better yet, stage a mini photo shoot with your employees at your shop and fill out a whole calendar of high-quality images. This could keep your business top of mind with customers all year round.

  1. Offer holiday treats in your store.

Shoppers work up big appetites, so help satisfy those empty stomachs with cookies and other bites. If nothing else, hot cider will make your store smell just like the holidays!

  1. Host a holiday-themed Twitter chat or Facebook/Instagram live story.

These can be focused on either something your business excels in that consumers might want to ask you about or just on holiday trivia to get people in the spirit and interacting with your brand. Have people respond or ask questions on Twitter and in the comments of the Facebook/Instagram live story.

  1. Deck your store out with seasonal touches.

Play up the fall harvest theme during October and November, and once Thanksgiving rolls around, spin the focus to winter. Play holiday music from the local radio station or a holiday Pandora station. Create a holiday window display with the products you expect to be most popular and will catch the eye of everyone passing by your store.

  1. Hold a photo contest on your Facebook or Instagram page.

Encourage your fans to send in photos of themselves using your product or at your store or doing something related to the holidays. Be sure to have a giveaway prize for the winner.

  1. Start having holiday lunches.

If you have business clients, take them out for holiday lunches as a personal touch during the season to show them how much their business means to you.

  1. Encourage donations.

Get involved in a food drive or Toys for Tots and prominently display a donation station at your store. It’ll get people in your door that might not have come by otherwise and will show that your brand is community minded.

  1. Amp up your logo.

Hire a graphic designer to put a holiday spin on your logo for the season.

  1. Extend your hours.

Shoppers are out longer and later trying to squeeze in every last gift. Do them a favor and stay open later. You won’t regret it.

  1. Add a themed touch.

You can build out your website’s homepage to feature a holiday theme. Do the same for social media channels.

  1. Organize a caroling group.

Include employees, customers, friends and family, and offer your store up for a pre-caroling shopping session beforehand.

  1. Run holiday email campaigns.

Email is a great way to put your products and services right in front of customers where they might not otherwise look for themselves, especially at a time when they’re ready and raring to spend.

  1. Make the most of partnerships.

Partner with other local merchants and help drive traffic to one another’s stores.

  1. Get sporty.

Organize a group to run the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, or get involved in another local, fun sporting event.

  1. Set up a gift certificate display.

Busy shoppers or those who aren’t sure what to get someone on their list will gladly grab a gift card or two.

  1. Offer complimentary shipping and encourage future purchases.

Oftentimes, it’s even more valuable than a discount. Hand out coupons valid for the New Year to get customers coming back after the holidays and boost those usually slumping January sales.

  1. Feature pre-wrapped gifts.

Take care of the little details. Set up a free gift wrapping station for shoppers who are on the go. This helps simplify things on your customers’ end, so they can make it to that holiday party on time without having to stop at home and wrap.

  1. Create gift baskets.

If your store offers products from local vendors, create gift baskets themed with a local touch so members of the community can share some of where they’re from with loved ones out of town.

  1. Offer free treats or games for kids.

They can get cranky this time of year being dragged around on shopping trips. Help give their parents a break, so they can focus on browsing your store.

  1. Get tech-y.

Hire a developer to create a holiday app for your company to feature all your holiday items or make online shopping easy for them when they’re on the go.

Being creative with small business promotion ideas during the holidays has a lot to do with having fun. Enlist the help of family, friends and employees, and start brainstorming even more ways to create the perfect holiday shopping environment for your business.

Many of these holiday promotion ideas will be just as useful once the holidays are over. With a little extra initiative and some advanced holiday budget planning, you may just make this the best year ever for your business.

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