Bob Vila, Kabbage Expert: Growing Your Construction Business

We spoke with Bob Vila, well-known home builder, about how construction business owners can use additional capital to take their businesses to the next level. Access to fast, flexible capital can help your business:

  • Purchase equipment
  • Hire more crew
  • Stock up on supplies
  • Expand services
  • …and more

It’s as hard – or as easy – as you make it.

Construction can be as easy or as hard as you make it. You may spend hours, days or weeks on a project that could be done in a much shorter time. And with the hard way, you may not be completely sure of how the end-product will look. Instead, focus on the easy way. See where you can make changes to speed projects up while also delivering a great service. After all, the easy way is the only way, says Bob.

Access to capital can be the same way. It can be hard or easy depending on where you look. Finding the right lender that offers convenient, flexible financing for your business is important for growth.

Incorporate industry changes.

As your industry grows, so should you. Rather than doing things the same way over and over, adapt to new methods. It seems easier to stick with what you know, but it actually is harder than automating or streamlining the stages of construction.

When it comes to access to capital, you want to take that same step in the new direction. Rather than spend time on paperwork, online lending helps you spend more time doing what you love and running your business.

Grow your business with technology.

Technology is used in almost every stage of the construction process. You can incorporate technology by using:

  • Thermal imaging cameras to locate water leaks, electrical hot spots and more
  • Drones to map worksites and monitor logistics
  • Smartphone apps to better manage workflow

Investing in technology is important to running your construction business more simply and smoothly. Access to fast, flexible capital can help you start investing early on and beat the competition.

With access to the right funds, your construction business can take on more projects and grow beyond what you thought was possible.

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