Market Your Products on eBay

As the world’s largest online marketplace, eBay has become an essential destination for many small business owners who want to increase their ability to sell to a wider customer base.

Set Up Your eBay Account

Even if you’re starting small by only selling a few products, eBay is pretty much the place to be. Are you already buying on eBay? Typically it makes sense to market your products on eBay using a separate account. This will prevent any possible bad transaction on your buying account affecting your selling status.

Set up a PayPal Account

PayPal will enable buyers of your products to pay you online. Buyers make payments through their credit cards or bank accounts, and the service will transfer the funds into your account.

Work with a Free Listing/Management Tool

eBay has a form within its site that provides prompts for you to list the items you’re selling. However, the form is time-consuming, and you can only upload one product at a time. As well, you can’t add multiple photos of an item for free using their “sell your item” form. So, the better solution is to use one of the many listing and management tools that are available. TurboLister, which is owned by eBay, is one popular option for marketing your products on eBay. Auctiva is another web-based service that you can use. To check out a few options, take the time to Google “free auction management software.” There are a number of tools available and all have slight variations.

Take Good Photos of Your Products

It has been proven repeatedly that products marketed on eBay sell for higher amounts and sell quicker when their listings have multiple photos. eBay charges for each photo after the first, but you can use a free or a low-cost hosting service instead. Photo Bucket and Ink Frog are two of many options available to those marketing products on eBay. Remember that the quality of your photos matters, too. Take the time to take good close-ups at different angles. Learn how to use the photo editing tools, and make sure that every photo that you publish is clear and compelling.

Provide Complete Listings

You can’t market your products on eBay effectively without clear, concise, descriptive listings. State exactly what you’re selling, even if it’s repeated in the category name. Make sure to include important details like brand, size, product name, or the artist who created it. Not sure what to say in a listing? Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. What would you want to know before you bought your item? What are the most important characteristics of your item? And, what words would a buyer search for to find the item?

Follow Your Competitors

The best way to determine how to price your items and what sells the best is to closely monitor those eBay sellers who are selling products similar to yours. Do they have multiple bidders and high selling prices on products you sell, consider this when you price your items? Or, are they struggling to sell their inventory with little interest from eBay buyers? That might be an indicator that a product isn’t in demand currently.

Calculate shipping costs

Using the calculated shipping tool can help you determine which shipping service is most cost-effective. Pack your item for shipping and weigh and measure the packages dimensions (length, width, and height).

Expand Your Options to Market Your Products on eBay

Once you get started marketing your products on eBay, you may want to explore listing upgrades to help your items stand out from those of your competitors. Selling internationally can expand your ability to sell on eBay, and using the many selling tools can help streamline your ability to create listings.

Stay Focused on Customer Service

Finally, the key to successfully marketing your products on Ebay as you grow your business requires you to build a solid reputation as an honest, professional seller. Your good reputation will drive your sales activities. You’ll also get special perks for having a good reputation such as having your products promoted in the “Best Match” section of the page. This means honoring terms when you accept payment, shipping promptly, communicating with the buyer, issuing refunds promptly, and quickly resolving any problems that might crop up.

Marketing products on eBay can substantially help your business gain exposuse to many new customers. If you’re ready to take your business online and start selling amongst many of the world’s leading brands along with promising small businesses like yours, it’s time to create your own eBay account and start listing your products!

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