Kabbage Customer: Accountingprose Tells Beautiful Stories with Client Financials

Video Transcript

I think that accounting should tell a really beautiful story, so it’s Accountingprose with an “E” at the end. We tell beautiful stories with your financials; we offer cloud-based accounting and payroll services around the United States. Small businesses are my passion because small businesses are what run the world. I mean big businesses, yeah, make a ton of money but there are more mom-and-pop shops than big businesses. My clients didn’t get into business to do their accounting work, they got into it because they had something that they’re really, really passionate about. By offering accounting services to them I can help them do their best work and do what they love. I tried to go to a regular lender when I had the same challenges at our small business owners had. We didn’t have a ton of history and I really needed to find a partner that would be able to help me grow the business and get cash in a way that big banks were not able to lend. Getting approved with Kabbage is really simple: you just log in and you connect to your accounts. We were able to get funded quickly, approved quickly, and the experience was like night and day from other lenders. Now I recommend it to my clients because it was so simple. We use our Kabbage funds whenever we know that we’re about to have a period of growth; we’ve grown from 1 to 8 and now 10 employees and I don’t see us slowing down anytime soon. So having Kabbage funds just waiting for that period of growth is exceptional. I want to make sure that I’m building a practice that is sustainable and really fun to be in. we work with a lot of fitness clients and everybody on my staff has something cool they do in fitness. I’ve got a power lifter, a crossfit coach, a guy who can dunk so they’re all really super into fitness. And I think because we’ve got a really close-knit group everybody kind of feels like a family. I try to look at every situation holistically and not just for the moment; I do a lot of goal-setting and think about what I can do to accomplish the big picture. So looking at small triumphs every single day, not just one person or one business that we’re affecting; you help this person who helps us puts then it’s bigger than I think anybody ever really realizes. My favorite tattoo is my Sasquatch tattoo. It says “live free or don’t” and I think that’s also kind of a motto. I think you have a choice every single day: who you want to be, how do you want to live your life, and I just choose to be free so that’s me. I mean Tina and I’m the chief number-cruncher of Accountingprose.

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