Kabbage Customer: Tin Whistle Brings Locals Together for Irish Jigs and Fare

Video Transcript

If I was stranded on a desert island I would take Bob with Jamison; I’d take my husband and cheese – something to drink, something to eat, someone to talk to. I have three restaurants: Fellini’s, The Tin Whistle Irish pub, and the Salad Maker. Being an entrepreneur must fulfill some need that I have. I love to be around people, I love talking to people, knowing what’s going on in town; and also, I get to eat what I want, I get to drink what I want, I get to listen to great music. So even if I don’t get away on vacation as much at least I can enjoy what’s going on here. In 2004, when I was visiting Charlottesville, I fell in love with the town and I thought “gosh I’d just love to own a restaurant here” because it just had this great feel. I didn’t want to be 60 years old and say “why didn’t I do that” so just made a huge career change and decided to go for it. I feel that if you’re going to have a restaurant that has a culture to it then you need to be true to that. We have good Irish music, bangers and mash, Guinness gravy and mashed potatoes. You just can’t beat that. I like the sense of community that a pub draws and there’s things here that belonged to people – that they’ve loaned us – and you know said “oh this would look really good here” or “would you take care of my picture of Kramer?” And so we hang it in the bar. It makes it feel homey to them which I think is really important. When I signed the lease it wasn’t a restaurant so I had to have a bar built in, a kitchen built; it was a bit overwhelming. We had some unexpected expenses, you know, which always happens. Particular pieces of equipment that I was going to need, some plumbing that had to be done to make it up to code, and the maintenance of the equipment is also challenging. Things that are commercial are very expensive. Kabbage has made a huge difference because it allowed me to get the items that I needed in order to run my business. What I like most is the ease of being able to get my money. I could do it online; it’s very convenient for me. They tell me how much money I can borrow, and it’s in my bank within a day or two. Borrowing money is something that you try to not do, but when you have a new business and you’re an entrepreneur and you’re trying to make things happen it just works. I do believe as long as I own a restaurant Kabbage will be a very important part of its growth. I’m Jackie and I love drinking Guinness. Ah, so good.

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