Recruiting – How to Find the Best Talent

Video Transcript

Today I want to talk through some recruiting strategies and ideas that I have for you so you can get out there and find the talent that you need for your restaurants. But before I do that it’s important to note that you should spend some time creating your brand’s story, essentially what makes you special. And if you click on the link below you will see an article that I’ve written
that will help you in creating your brand story. Okay, so alright, let’s jump into these ideas that I have. The first thing I want to talk about is making sure you have a referral program in your
restaurants, and this can just mean telling your people that you want them to refer their friends. If they’re really loving it and they know you have needs they’ll likely refer their friends onto you. You could also create a bonus referral program or some sort of a contest to incentivize people to refer people on to you. You could also do job boards. This is the most common way that I see people getting applicants as they place ads on Indeed or Zip Recruiter or Craigslist or culinary agents, there’s all kinds of different job boards that you could use but making sure that you
have a really well-done ad – again, incorporating your brand story is a great idea but using these and placing ads periodically is also a great idea. Talk with your neighbors, be friendly, build relationships with the people in your community. Different restaurants and businesses find out how they go about finding talent and maybe they have people working in their restaurant or
business that wants some part-time hours, or you could share employees somehow that way. So definitely get out there and meet the people in your community using signs and banners is a great way to let people know you’re hiring. You can play something out by the street so the cars
going by can see it, a little lawn sign, or a banner in your restaurant or a flyer in your window or different things like that. Make sure you don’t put these things up and leave them for a really long period of time because then people don’t think you really have the need, so take them down and repost them. Replace them periodically as good idea. You can also have made some little recruiting cards. You can have a marketing company, or your team, or even yourself can make little cards that you could handout to customers that indicate your hiring. Or your managers can use it when they’re out and about, and when they’re at other restaurants. We had
one of our clients make cards that said “you rock! We should talk.” They were really cute and
they were a pretty effective way for people to find out that they were hiring. So that was a really cute idea. You should contact the local high schools and colleges and culinary schools, and find out if they have job boards or different things that you can do to advertise or let the students know that you’re hiring. Some schools have little job fair events or a newsletter or a bulletin board within the school that you could maybe place some things there. So definitely do that. Another method you can use is Facebook. This is sort of thing is a method I use a lot in my own
company as we place either a video or well done ad, and we boost it. So we spend twenty dollars or something like that and we can target thousands of people in a certain area, in a certain position, and we’ve had some good success with that. And so, definitely utilizing Facebook, your own company’s Facebook page is the way to go with that and you can also do
the next one in Instagram. It’s very similar to Facebook and that you can post these ads it’s a 60-second video. If you decide to do a video it’s got to be 60 seconds or less, but you can place
Some of your higher needs with an image or a video hashtag a bunch of different things. You
know “now hiring in Chicago” or “Chicago hiring” or whatever. Find out some hashtags that might work and if your profile is public it will land on those hashtag pages and get you more exposure. Alright, and then you can also utilize your own website. This is a great place to house all of your openings and if you have a really nice website that has a video and explaining who you are, people will get a good idea of what your culture is like and things like that. And
then the last thing is LinkedIn doesn’t work as well for the hourly positions but it’s a great way to find managers or senior level positions, executives. Executives even and support positions. Marketing HR different things like that you can place some stuff on your status, you can pay for ads, you can upgrade to a premium account and have the ability to reach out to people
through in mail and different things like that. Okay, so it’s most important that you’re really creative and you keep doing things and you try to get this in, you know, so you’re very proactive with this instead of being reactive. So do lots of things, be creative, and hopefully you’ll have a
lot of success. Hi everybody my name is Carrie Luxem and I have dedicated my entire career to helping and supporting restaurant operators, and I started my business – Restaurant HR Group – where over the last eight years or so I have been partnering with restaurant groups throughout the country helping them set up their HR and people systems and processes. So now I am absolutely thrilled and excited to be partnering with Kabbage. They’re an online lending solution for small businesses and they work heavily with restaurants. So stay tuned, I’m going to be talking about a whole lot of other things and we’re gonna have a whole lot of fun around here. So we’ll be talking about HR and leadership and culture and recruiting and hiring and a lot more, so stay tuned. And if you need more information on how Kabbage can help you with some of your financial needs, reach out to them at and they will certainly be able to tell you how they can help you. Alright, thank you so much for listening and I will be back soon. Thank you.

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