5 Subscription Boxes With Small Businesses In Mind 🎁

Subscription boxes – we’ve all heard of them, and most of us have at least tried them, if not stuck with one or two in particular. While subscription boxes have been around for a while, their industry growth has anything but slowed down.

In fact, the market has grown over 100 percent year over year for the last five years with the largest retailers generating a staggering $2.6 billion in sales in 2016. Compare that to just only $57 million in 2011!

So, what’s the craze? For starters, subscription boxes are a great option if you’re looking for an easy, cost-effective way to try new and unique products or food. They also provide a method of receiving replacements on everyday items from trusted brands such as Dollar Shave Club or Barkbox. Lastly, many small business owners have turned to providing subscription boxes as a way to get their products out into the market.

In honor of National Small Business Week, we’ve partnered up with Cratejoy to bring you a list of subscription boxes designed with small businesses in mind!

  1. StartupStars

This subscription box helps people discover promising new tech startups around the world while also helping those startups put their brand in front of new customers, investors, partners or even future employees. For $16+/month, you’ll receive information about the company and founder(s), one of the CEO’s business cards and a limited-edition company t-shirt. StartupStars provides the world’s only T-Shirt of the Month club for new tech companies!

  1. Explore Local Box

Explore Local Box provides unique, locally made products and food items from small businesses all across the United States. This subscription box doubles as an educational tool for children and fun way for travel enthusiasts to try things from different places. At just $39.99+/month, Explore Local Box strives to support small businesses from a new U.S. city each month.

  1. Business Book Monthly

Looking to take your business knowledge to the next level? Business Book Monthly sends a new business book each month covering a number of business topics such as marketing, entrepreneurship, inspiration, management and more! They’ll also include some extra things like coffee or tea, snacks or stationery materials to keep you going while you read. You can subscribe to this box for $28+/month to start learning more about the world of business.

  1. Handshake31

Ever run out of business cards at the most inopportune moment? With Handshake31, you’ll receive new business cards right to your door every month, so you never have to worry about missing that chance again. For $27.00+/month, they’ll send you 31 new plastic business cards. These cards are waterproof, and you have the option of changing your design at any time!

  1. LifeBox Supply Company

LifeBox Supply Company provides a great subscription box option for entrepreneurs or anyone aspiring to become one. Each month this box includes a handful of specially-picked items, inspirational books and stationery tools to keep you productive and organized for only $39.99+/month. You’ll also want to give them your size because each box includes an exclusive clothing item each month!

Subscription boxes are becoming an increasingly popular source of education and inspiration for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. By including such a wide variety of unique, local and artisan products and services, they’re also a foundation of support for small businesses around the world. If you’re looking to begin your own subscription business (or you already have one and need help with pricing), check out these subscription commerce tools to help give you an idea of costs surrounding startup, shipping and more.

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