The Best Social Media Sites for Your Salon

Social media is a realm steeped in mystery to most; even the ones that run it have a hard time decoding why one thing works and another doesn’t. Although you may have social media accounts in place for your salon, learning a few new key tricks, brainstorming with your staff and coming up with a strategy can take your salon to the next level.

To get the most out of social media, your salon should have a presence on the following six best social media sites for salons.


Utilizing a Business Page can be a helpful tool for connecting with your clients between their appointments. This is an ideal place to post promotions, promote limited quantities of products to create demand, post a “Featured Stylist” each week listing something that sets them apart from the rest, promote local community events and partnerships, ask clients to tag their friends for incentives and encourage clients to geo-tag (“check-in”) while getting a service in the salon.

Start a “Group” – it can be tailored toward pros, clients or both. You can create a laid-back atmosphere to discuss color trends, the latest cuts and trending topics such as the styles seen at award shows or movie premiers. This encourages a community-centric vibe that is focused on beauty, while subconsciously directing traffic to your salon.


As part of a visual industry, utilizing websites and apps like Instagram is important to your success. Promoting your work daily by posting “Before and Afters” of your current work and posting your hair inspiration will set the tone for your salon. It is important to separate your personal, professional and business accounts. As a stylist, you should have an account solely dedicated to your professional work, keeping your personal postings for another account. Creating an account for your salon is a great resource to tag artists, tag the brands you use, post about your clients, your staff and things going on in the salon that show off your salon culture.

This gives new and existing clients a space to interact with you on a daily basis. It also offers a wonderful portfolio to highlight what you specialize in, and a beautiful way to show how much you appreciate your staff and their work.


LinkedIn has transgressed from what you originally knew it for. It functions much like a professional version of Facebook with the added benefit of being able to network, create and publish content to groups and forums and better understand the connectivity of your specific industry.

With pages such as Beauty Industry or Salons, which post about topics like where top professionals work, which companies they work for, popular posts and job postings. Within this spectrum you are able to search for industry-specific tools to learn ways in which to grow, promote and network for your business. It’s a great new way to connect with your peers.


Nextdoor is a private social network directly tied to your neighborhood and local businesses. It is used to stay in touch about events going on around you, crime reports, to get recommendations and even find local job postings. Although strictly peer-based, this is the perfect place to incentivize your clients for positive reviews seen by individuals in the same area.


When it comes to searching for businesses, Yelp is almost synonymous with Google these days. It is one of the top arenas for businesses to grow through word-of-mouth. As a peer review system, it can run into dangerous territory with bad reviews, which is why it is important to make sure your customer support is up to par. Yelp is a tool you can use to incentivize clients; ask them to leave you a great review in exchange for something. If you find that clients love their look, encourage them to leave a review along with pictures of your amazing work.


Bangstyle is the only social media platform dedicated solely to the art of hairdressing and the stylists that create the looks. Bangstyle, the House of Hair Inspiration, offers a free portfolio profile to Salons and Stylists who are encouraged to upload their hair pics while tagging the brands they used to get the look. With new content published daily, Bangstyle is a trusted resource for Tips, Style How-To’s and Featured Artist Collections.

The day-to-day duties of running a salon can already be pressing, and adding one more element may sound impossible. However, when you learn how to manage these best social media sites for salons properly (and get the scheduling tools that will make posting easier), you will find that it will actually cut down on your daily duties and help improve the atmosphere of your salon by bringing in new business and boosting the overall morale.

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