7 Construction Podcasts for Your Business

Here are some of the best construction podcasts for construction professionals who want to stay up to date on the industry news, trends, designs and emerging tools and materials that will make their business more successful.

Why podcasts? The podcast audio format makes it an ideal media for busy construction professionals whose best time to source industry news and information is while they are on the go, driving to or from a job site or during their lunch breaks on building sites.

Although iTunes is a great place to start the search for podcasts that interest you, there are also many others published on company and association websites that are well-worth following. Since podcasts can be downloaded to your smartphone, tablet or computer, you also have many options for playback at your convenience.

7 of the Best Construction Podcasts for Industry Professionals

1. Remon Tech – Construction Industry Podcast

Winner of the 2015 Construction Junkie’s Best Podcast contest, the Construction Industry Podcast releases two 45-minute podcasts each week. The podcast is hosted by Cesar Abeid, author of Project Management for You and the host of two other podcasts. Its win as Construction Junkie’s Best Podcasts of 2015 isn’t its first accolade; the podcast has won several industry awards including the 2013 STAR Award (Construction Marketing Association) and the 2012 and 2013 Be2Award for Best Social Media Blog.

Not only does Cesar Abeid cover industry topics, he also frequently invites industry and subject matter experts to come on the podcast, increasing its value to construction industry leaders even more. The topics covered include just about every aspect of construction, from subject matter that industry professionals would apply in the field to using social media and accounting.

2. American Institute of Steel Construction – Steel Profiles

Whereas the Construction Industry Podcast covers a breadth of topics, Steel Profiles, the podcasts produced by the American Institute of Steel Construction, focus mainly on topics relevant to the steel industry. Steel Profile podcasts are conducted by host Margaret Matthew, an AISC senior engineer, in the form of interviews with industry experts.

3. e-Builder

e-Builder is a leading provider of cloud-based construction project management software solutions designed to fulfill the needs of facility owners and construction professionals. e-Builder podcasts are produced on a wide range of topics, both for general construction industry professionals and some which are tailored to audience members in a variety of industry segments (commercial, energy, government, healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, transportation and more).

4. Construction Career Collaborative – Construction Citizen

Construction Citizen podcasts are hosted by Scott Braddock, a broadcast journalist whose personal passion for championing blue collar workers lends a clear perspective to podcasts produced by the Construction Career Collaborative, a collective whose members are owners, contractors and craftspeople who advocate for “a social, responsible, sustainable, and value-added construction industry.”

5. Mountain View Window & Door – The Art of Construction for Contractors and Architects

Rated as the top podcast on iTunes for contractors and architects, the Art of Construction podcast is published every other week and hosted by Devon Tilly and Kevin Keefe of Mountain View Window & Door in Denver, Colorado. The Art of Construction seeks to “help contractors and architects grow their businesses by exploring the world of construction.” With more than 40 podcasts available and more produced each month, podcasts often include interviews with construction industry leaders who either speak from the builder’s perspective or that of the architect. This marriage makes it a great resource for professionals who want to gain a deeper, more holistic understanding of how the various aspects of construction depend upon and work with one another.

6. The Construction Leading Edge Nation – The Construction Leading Edge

The Construction Leading Edge podcast offers resources for construction professionals who want to grow leadership skills, businesses and incomes. Podcasts are hosted by Todd Dawalt, a construction professional with nearly two decades of industry experience, including experience as a construction company owner. His own personal journey in the construction industry led him to start the podcast, in part to help other construction business owners avoid common pitfalls and to provide them with a community they can fall back on for inspiration and encouragement.

7. The Contracting Coach – Coachcasts

For construction industry professionals looking for a daily dose of industry advice, resources and encouragement, The Contracting Coach’s daily Coachcasts offer about 15 minutes of coaching, so short that it could easily be consumed during a drive to a job site or while on a lunch break. Many of the topics covered in daily Coachcasts are on business, accounting, project management and marketing topics, making it an especially helpful resource for construction startups and regional construction business owners.
Whether you are interested in resources that can make you a better construction business owner or want to find out about new tools and materials for deployment on the job site, podcasts could be an ideal way for you to make your business more successful.

What about you? Is there a podcast that you listen to regularly or can’t live without? Share your great find with our readers by tweeting to us at @KabbageInc.

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