Best TV Shows to Have in the Background While Doing Taxes, According to Reddit

Listening to the low murmur of your favorite TV show droning on in the background can be the audio-visual equivalent of wearing that soft, old sweatshirt – it just makes everything feel better, easier, more comfortable. And when it comes to filing those quarterly taxes, writing detailed reports or finishing business tasks, sometimes having that familiar background noise is just what you need to help you get things done.

Redditors discussed this topic recently, and they have some great suggestions as to what background shows to turn on and why. While responses ranged from Murder She Wrote to the Golf Channel, the concept of TV shows as background noise is summed up nicely by redditor TicTocTicTac: “It’s any TV show that you’ve already watched many times and already know what happens in the episode. This is so that you’re not drawn to distraction by watching it to find out what happens; you already know.” Check out the top 10 TV shows redditors suggest if you’re in search of background noise:

The Office

“I watch on Netflix in my office all day. I am currently going through the whole [The Office] series for the third time.” –spc1979

“There is no such thing as too much of The Office.” –sarah_awake

How It’s Made

“The narrator’s voice alone makes that show gold for background noise.” –ThePoopyBandit


“Especially now that House is on Netflix, it’s perfect background noise.” -­­_quicksand

Star Trek Next Generation

“Jean-luc Picard’s voice, the techno-babble, the sound of the engines, the extensive dialogue and [the] little fighting makes it a grade choice. No laugh track, too.” –KettleLogic

The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

“I don’t know where your happy tree likes to live, but mine likes to live right here! Brushbrushbrush.” – 248Spacebucks


“Every single day I watch at least five Friends episodes. Whether I’m working or playing video games, Friends is always on the second monitor. I watch all 10 seasons roughly once a month and the last episode is always equally as powerful. As soon as the credits of the last episode are over I go all the way back to S1 E1 and start the adventure again. The ultimate background show.” –Neeeeple


“Monk is my background show of choice. Partly because I’ve seen every episode, and partly because a lot of them have these nonverbal moments where it’s just light music playing while Monk is being Monk.” –AlligatorTears

Deadliest Catch

“Deadliest Catch for sure. You can miss five episodes and still know what is happening.” –corej22

Law and Order

“Law and Order, the original one, but especially the old mid-90s episodes. Those are easy to fill in the background and [you do] not need to pay attention to know what’s going on.” –therealrenshai

Big Bang Theory

“Big Bang Theory works best for me. It’s always on some TV channel, and I’ve seen every episode so I can leave it on and get other stuff done. It still makes me laugh, too, so bonus.” –redditorspaceeditor

Extra Tip — Best “Drift-Off-To-Sleep” background show:


By a landslide, Futurama is the redditor favorite when it comes to tuning in at bedtime.

“I tend to put Futurama on as I’m falling asleep. I typically only make it through about half an episode or so before crashing. This happens so often that whenever I stay up for the whole episode I find the final half oddly refreshing, like it’s the first time seeing it in a long time.”  –AJEMT

Do you have a TV show you like humming along in the background when you’re working? Share your favorites with us in the comments below.

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