Kabbage Customer: Coastal Concrete Construction Paves Way for North Charleston Growth

Video Transcript

To be a good concrete finisher you’ve got to have discipline, you’ve got to have patience, and you have to be able to take it, because concrete don’t wait for no man. The demo for our business is cultural concrete construction. We are concrete contractors working in all phases and aspects of concrete. Our family’s been in business in the concrete industry for four generations; now my father showed me the ropes. Dude, he treated me the hardest on the crew of anybody. His famous saying was “work like a gentleman, not like an animal”; that’s what he would say. One of the biggest challenges I face right now is manpower; you’ve got to make sure your men are paid on Friday or they’re not gonna be there on Monday. They’ve got enough to worry about here because we’ll do jobs and we won’t get paid for 30, 60, 120 days. So I’ve got to make how many payrolls. My friend told me about Kabbage so I looked it up and I think honestly if it took about 15 to 20 minutes and, bingo, there is an approval. The rates were excellent, the paybacks were simple. Basically trouble-free. It took me a couple seconds to push a button, that has been the biggest relief in this business. Since I’ve teamed up with Kabbage two years ago, push of a button and I’m funded. Kabbage has definitely helped our business grow. It gives us the opportunity to rest the short and give us the freedom to say “look, I’m not worried about payroll this week. Let’s go ahead and push it another limit.” You’ve got to know what you need and Kabbage gives you that opportunity to get what you need until you can profit. One of the lessons my father taught me would be the same that I’m trying to pass on is: hard work, keep it honest, and give the customer what they need and what they want. I love the concrete business basically because it’s all I know, and that’s what we were taught – that’s what I’m teaching my boys. I got some good hard-working boys, good smart boys. I envy them because I wish I was as smart as they were. So if they could get the knowledge that I got, with the smarts they got, they’ll surpass me way over. I say the grey gold will make you money as long as you care for. And another phrase my old man said, be a concrete finisher or a mortician, is “people are gonna die and people pour that grey gold.” My name is Tony and I’m a concrete finisher. Cheers.

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