NAWBO & Kabbage: Figures that Matter

Video Transcript

I’m Jen Earl I’m the CEO for the National Association of Women Business Owners. Nevo represents the voice of 10 million women business owners out there in the United States who really want to propel their business forward. We do that by focusing on the economic and social and political impacts in smaller communities, and we take it nationwide as well. Everybody needs a mentor all the time; everybody does. I mean no matter what it is I feel like the more people that you have that are on your side the better things are going to be for you. When you’re trying to find a mentor the first thing is who do you know, but also the more that you get involved in the community the more you expand the people that you know. I try to get that personal connection because the more vulnerable you are with other women, the more they want to help you. I go out and I make these relationships with these amazing women and I say “you know, she’s the person I need right now” and I just kind of formed that relationship. So I would say, along with the vulnerability of just asking questions and listening and listening what these others can provide for you, but also being very vocal in what it is that you need and you’ll find the right people. I have a mentor she doesn’t even know it probably she’s actually one that kind of assisted me to be in this position where I am right now and I’ll just call her and say “hey, I haven’t touched base with you in a while, how are things going.” To have this thing what do you think about this like it just is like an open conversation. These women become your friends and I feel like you need that; you need it to be more casual and not super professional in order to really be able to express yourself with the mentors that you have working with you. The more you come together as women and utilize your voice together amazing things happen. That’s what major change is impacted locally, nationally, and internationally. It’s very important to find your tribe and whatever that looks like, in whatever capacity that is personally and professionally, and just keep building it. It’s always better to find a mentor that is going through something that you are about to embark on. So if that means I need to get a loan, I need to figure out what this looks like. It’s better to work with someone that’s already done that and sometimes those conversations are easier. Women will do anything they can to help their women counterparts. You’ll know when you need to bring more people into your life to help you get to that next step; and, entrepreneurship is very isolating and when you feel like you need others to kind of help guide you and direct you you’ll instinctively know it’s time. The women business owners that I know all of them would say “have all the answers” and I need to surround myself with like-minded women to help me figure this out. We’re juggling a lot of different things: being a mom to our children and getting their homework done and making dinner for them, and the craziness of the demands of the people that are working for us, and making sure that they’re able to get home to get dinner for their children – it’s a lot of different pieces that we’re juggling every day and it helps to have a support group of other women behind you that help you get through it. For more information on access to capital and opportunities for women business owners’ you can visit

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