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Minority Loans

Minority business loans are becoming more popular with lenders. These small business financing options help minority small business owners and minority entrepreneurs access the funding they need to cover business expenses ranging from stocking inventory to purchasing technology that boosts efficiency. In addition to these funding options, there are also programs offered by organizations such as the SBA that are dedicated to supporting minority-owned businesses.

To be considered for a minority small business loan, most lending and financial institutions, including the Small Business Administration, require the business is at least 51% owned by an economic or socially disadvantaged individual and have eligibility requirements based on many factors including, national origin and race. Women-owned businesses tend to also fall into this minority business loan category.

Kabbage Funding™ utilizes our unique and thorough data gathering process for not only minority business owners but all small business owners that apply for our funding to ensure that we can offer financing to all who qualify. Minority business loans are helping us support opportunities for the entire small business community.

Small Business Loans for Women up to $150k | Kabbage Funding for Women-Owned Businesses

To further support female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses, Kabbage Funding offers women access to small business financing that can cover equipment, payroll, marketing and so much more. Small-business loans help women-run small businesses pay for business-related expenses and give access to the working capital they need to remain strong competitors within their specific industry.

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Small Business Loans for Veterans | Get Funded with Kabbage Funding

Veteran-owned businesses are becoming more prominent, so lenders are seeking to make access to small business financing easier for those businesses. Loans for veterans provide working capital to help veteran-run businesses obtain the funding they need to start businesses. Access to capital also helps veterans sustain and grow their small businesses with easy loan terms. If your business is minority-owned, do not let that stop you from applying.

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Minority business loans are the perfect fit for minority business owners looking to obtain quick and easy access to small business financing. The working capital that a minority-owned business loan affords can help entrepreneurs and small business owners cover all of financing business costs that minority businesses need to get established and continue to succeed. Access loan amounts that suit your needs and lending terms that you deserve.

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