Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation

"Kabbage is the first alternative lender I've seen with great terms. Unlike with some other lenders, I knew exactly what my payments would be up front."



"Before using Kabbage, I tried other business cash advances, but their rates were too high, and they made me jump through hoops just to be approved for a small amount of money. Kabbage gives me access to the working capital I need whenever I want."


Liberty Tax Service

Amusement & Recreation Services

"We struggled to get banks to take us seriously. We eventually stopped trying to get extra working capital and just relied on credit cards. Applying for a small business loan with Kabbage took five minutes, and I was stunned how much we qualified for."

Annie & Curtis

Curtis Kamiya Music

Business Services

"Kabbage provided more than just a small business loan – they gave us a team we can count on to help us level out the roller coaster of income that we go through and keep us on our path. They have replaced traditional banking as our primary source for project funding within our business."

Jennifer & Jim

Jedow Interactive LLC

Computer Services

"Kabbage gave me the extra working capital I needed during a slow period to purchase holiday inventory and to cover payroll as I hired new staff."


The MacSpa


"Kabbage gave me the working capital I needed to get my contracting business through the slower winter months."


Regency Developers

Equipment Sales / Rental

"Kabbage was much friendlier than traditional lenders, and their requirements were a much better match for a small business. I used my first short-term loan to increase my inventory by more than 12%, and now I can give my inventory a boost as needed to meet rising demand. I'm also using the extra working capital to develop a marketing campaign I've wanted to try."



Health & Fitness Facilities

"I didn't want to borrow from family to open my business's third location. With Kabbage's small business loans, I was able to purchase training equipment and build out new office space with no strings attached."


Saving Chicago CPR

"Even though I've been using my bank since I started my business, they've never been able to help me with a business loan. The Kabbage loan process was the opposite – quick and simple, and I was able to do everything online."


KB Fitness Exercise Studio

IT and Software Services

"Using our small business loan, we have brought on several strategic partnerships to expand our marketing and sales presence throughout the U.S. and Canada."


GlobalBake ERP Inc.

Painting / Handyman Services / Home Repair

"After searching for a long time, we were turned down for a small business loan. I was surprised how easy it was to apply with Kabbage, and now I have some working capital to help keep us going until our season picks up."


Aire Serv of Corona and Orange County


"Getting a small business loan from Kabbage allowed me to invest in new equipment and expand my office space so I can now serve families, not just individuals, through my counseling services."

G. Terri

Still Waters Counseling Services

Restaurants / Bars

"We wouldn't have been able to purchase enough inventory for our busiest event – and biggest revenue day – of the year without a small business loan from Kabbage."


Spiky Jane's Coffee and Wicked Grounds


"From purchasing new equipment and investing in inventory to launching a new website and increasing our marketing efforts, the working capital we have from Kabbage has been instrumental in growing our business."

Catherine and Patrick

Legend Lines

"Having a line of credit with Kabbage will help us as we prepare for a larger national launch. Thanks to our small business loan, we'll have access to extra working capital."


Dude Wipes

"My company was growing fast, so I needed extra working capital to increase my product inventory. I used my small business loan to buy more inventory, packaging, labels and marketing materials and was able to increase the number of wholesale accounts I serve by 450%."


Diana Ralys Skin Health

"I was continually disappointed in the credit card advances I used to pay for upfront expenses. Since switching to work with Kabbage for small business loans, our revenues are up 30%."

Rick & Ellen

Fatman's Beef Jerky LLC

"Kabbage stepped in when my other sources of working capital stopped. The business loan process was fast, flexible and efficient and allowed me to take advantage of timely purchasing opportunities that would have been out of my reach otherwise."


Thumbnail Treasures

"Kabbage's Customer Service really sets them apart from other lenders. When I have questions or need to tap into my funds, they make it easy to understand my account and my payment schedule."


Madeleine Maternity

"With the line of credit I got from Kabbage, I boosted my inventory and launched an SEO campaign that's already driving new customers."


Only Inboards

"Working with Kabbage gave me the working capital infusion I needed to invest in inventory so I could truly get into the business of selling. Now I'm able to buy more inventory, make bigger profits and easily pay off my loan to move my business forward."


MaD Mercantile

"Since taking my first small business loan with Kabbage, I've expanded my business to include four additional platforms, allowing me to grow sales by 35%. My business wouldn't be where it is if not for the opportunities Kabbage has afforded me!"


Christine's Designer Closet

"Getting a small business loan from a bank seemed pretty impossible as a new business. Taking an online loan from Kabbage to buy additional inventory was a quick and simple process."


Strength Shop USA

"Even with 10 years of industry experience, we were turned down by traditional banks for a small business loan. I thought there had to be a catch with Kabbage, but it really was that easy to get the funding we needed. We were able to buy equipment we desperately needed to run our business more efficiently and take on larger projects. Ultimately, our short-term loan allowed us to expand our advertising and increase our customer reach."


Desert Signs

"As we opened a brick-and-mortar store, we needed to use existing cash flow to cover expenses like moving costs and shelving. We needed extra working capital to expand, but that proved difficult to get in today's lending market. Kabbage took the guesswork out of applying, and we were able to quickly get an online loan from Kabbage to purchase inventory and get our business off the ground. As our business has grown, we've used the additional working capital to keep up. "


Priority Bargains Outlet

"When I lost my American Express business line of credit, Kabbage made getting a small business loan simple with automated approval and seamless transfers between PayPal and other vendors. Now I'm able to get working capital from Kabbage right away to buy inventory, and I don't lose days of sales waiting for money to transfer from my bank."


War Toys

"After researching bank loans and peer-to-peer lending sites, Kabbage was the best fit to get the working capital I needed to invest in additional inventory and take advantage of bulk pricing. My suppliers aren't giving me 30- or 60-day payment terms, so having a small business loan from Kabbage allowed me to take advantage of a bulk pricing opportunity to get additional inventory. As a repeat customer of Kabbage, I think their people set them apart from other lenders – they're knowledgeable, friendly and really helpful."


Red Raven Boutique