Industries Using Kabbage

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation

"The process of getting a small business loan through Kabbage was easy to understand. They were the first alternative lender I’ve seen with great terms, and I knew exactly what my payments would be up front. Rather than making sure I checked certain boxes, Kabbage really looked for a solution to help my business. I was able to use my working capital to hire two more people on my staff without having to worry how I would afford training or paying them."



Amusement & Recreation Services

"When we were first looking for a small business loan, we struggled to get banks to take us seriously. We eventually stopped trying to get extra working capital and just relied on credit cards. Applying for an online loan with Kabbage took five minutes, and I was stunned how much we qualified for. When we were approved, we were relieved that we could finally start the business expansion we’d been planning. Thanks to our line of credit from Kabbage, we hired a social media manager and an extra person to help us with booking. Now I can tackle more marketing and sales because my workload is lighter."


Curtis Kamiya Music

Business Services

"With my first short-term loan from Kabbage, I funded a campaign to reach my year-end goals without having to tap into my cash flow."


The Anroma Group –

Computer Services

"As a frugal business owner, I have a lot of anxiety about borrowing money and obtaining credit. Kabbage gave me the extra working capital I needed during a slow period to purchase holiday inventory and to cover payroll as I hired new staff. With Kabbage’s online loans, I know I can borrow an amount that is comfortable for me whenever my business needs a boost. "


The MacSpa


"Kabbage gave me the working capital I needed to get my contracting business through the slower winter months. I loved that I was able to sync information from QuickBooks™ to get approved for a business loan. The connection to QuickBooks was temporary, so I was confident my business information was protected."


Regency Devlopers

Equipment Sales / Rental

"Kabbage was much friendlier than traditional lenders, and their requirements were a much better match for a small business. I used my first short-term loan to increase my inventory by more than 12%, and now I can give my inventory a boost as needed to meet rising demand. I’m also using the extra working capital to develop a marketing campaign I’ve wanted to try."



Health & Fitness Facilities

"Kabbage consistently provides a safety net during slow times, allowing us to quickly and easily acquire extra working capital to cover expenses. Over the past year, we have used our small business loan to purchase new equipment and hire additional staff, allowing us to expand our services."


Magna Health and Fitness

"I didn’t want to borrow from family to open my business’s third location. With Kabbage’s small business loans, I expanded into new office space – complete with new training equipment – and launched a new marketing campaign to promote our third location. Getting working capital with no strings attached was key to opening the new office."


Saving Chicago CPR

IT and Software Services

"Using our small business loan, we have brought on several strategic partnerships to expand our marketing and sales presence throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our business is cyclical, so factoring in the cost of additional working capital up front and incorporating that information into our cash flow has made a huge difference in how we operate."


GlobalBake ERP Inc.

Janitorial / Housekeeping Services

"When we opened a second location in a new market, I wanted to launch a Google AdWords campaign to get the word out about our business. Getting a small business loan from Kabbage was straightforward – I submitted my business information, was approved and had funds in my account in just a couple of days. With the working capital I got from Kabbage, I had a cushion I used to make sure customers could find us, and I’m already seeing the ROI from launching the campaign."


Revive Cleaning Service

Restaurants / Bars

"Our business is highly seasonable, and the working capital we got from Kabbage helped us manage increasing inventories for our seasonal events. We wouldn’t have been able to purchase enough inventory for our busiest event – and biggest revenue day – of the year without a small business loan from Kabbage. Now, the online loans we get from Kabbage have helped us revitalize our retail and online businesses, managing cash flow while radically expanding our inventory."


Spiky Jane’s Coffee and Wicked Grounds


"After being turned down five times for a small business loan, I had working capital in my account from Kabbage in fewer than 10 minutes with no paperwork. Since getting my initial small business loan in 2012, I’ve leveraged my revolving line of credit to maximize my inventory, improve my website and purchase much-needed technology. Working with Kabbage also gave me the confidence to hire an international shipping partner, expanding to 220 countries. Whenever I need something, I know I can talk to the representatives at Kabbage right away. Kabbage’s online loans have changed how I view lending forever."


Windy City Parrot

"Getting a small business loan from a bank seemed pretty impossible as a new business. Taking an online loan from Kabbage to buy additional inventory was a quick and simple process."


Strength Shop USA

"Even with 10 years of industry experience, we were turned down by traditional banks for a small business loan. I thought there had to be a catch with Kabbage, but it really was that easy to get the funding we needed. We were able to buy equipment we desperately needed to run our business more efficiently and take on larger projects. Ultimately, our short-term loan allowed us to expand our advertising and increase our customer reach."


Desert Signs

"As we opened a brick-and-mortar store, we needed to use existing cash flow to cover expenses like moving costs and shelving. We needed extra working capital to expand, but that proved difficult to get in today’s lending market. Kabbage took the guesswork out of applying, and we were able to quickly get an online loan from Kabbage to purchase inventory and get our business off the ground. As our business has grown, we’ve used the additional working capital to keep up. "


Priority Bargains Outlet

"Prior to using Kabbage, our sales growth was flat. After getting additional working capital, I hired two new people that helped us increase sales. With an online loan from Kabbage, there were no hidden fees or unexpected costs. And the more our business grows, the more working capital we’re approved for."


"With the security of my line of credit, I was able to start a secondary business selling supplies to help pave the way for other artists like me. Using a small business loan from Kabbage gave me the opportunity to explore new products without disrupting the designs I’d already established. Without Kabbage, these new ventures would not have been possible."


Ashley Spatula Art and Design

"When I was looking for a small business loan, traditional banks were impersonal and wanted extensive financial documents. As a small business owner, I don’t have time for the paperwork banks require to get the working capital I need. The online process with Kabbage was simple and allowed us to fulfill a significant contract while waiting on payment. Kabbage’s line of credit helps us get the working capital we need as our clients and projects increase and the terms and accounts payable get longer. "


Right Way Signs

"When I lost my American Express business line of credit, Kabbage made getting a small business loan simple with automated approval and seamless transfers between PayPal and other vendors. Now I’m able to get working capital from Kabbage right away to buy inventory, and I don’t lose days of sales waiting for money to transfer from my bank."


War Toys

"When we needed funds to get through a slow period, getting working capital from a traditional bank was going to take a month. Kabbage understands that as a small business owner, I can’t afford to spend my time applying for a business loan. They’ve made the approval process fast, simple and seamless. With an online loan from Kabbage, we hired a sales team to boost our domestic market share. The best part about my revolving line of credit is that the more I borrow and pay back, the more I’ll be approved to take."


Skinny and Company

"Before Kabbage, we were running Dude Wipes out of our apartment. No banks would lend to us, and we were growing faster than we could fund. Kabbage’s innovative way of reviewing businesses allows them to help all sorts of small businesses, especially those that traditional banks typically ignore. After getting a small business loan from Kabbage, we were able to launch a new configuration of our Dude Wipes and get more traction in brick-and-mortar retailers. Thanks to our small business loan, we’ll have access to extra working capital as we prepare for a larger national launched. I’d recommend Kabbage to anyone for a small business loan. They helped us get the funding we needed to get to the next level when no one else would lend to us."


Dude Products

"When I first started my business, it was tough for me to buy bulk inventory because I wasn’t eligible for a bank loan. Kabbage was the simplest loan experience I’ve ever had. My online loan was in my PayPal account immediately, and I moved the working capital to my bank account the same day. With the small business loan I got from Kabbage, I’ve been able to hire new employees and get competitive pricing on bulk inventory to meet the growing demands of my customer base. Since I was able to get the funding needed to start buying inventory in bulk, my suppliers now recognize me as a legitimate business owner who is serious about growth."


USA Coax

"After researching bank loans and peer-to-peer lending sites, Kabbage was the best fit to get the working capital I needed to invest in additional inventory and take advantage of bulk pricing. My suppliers aren’t giving me 30- or 60-day payment terms, so having a small business loan from Kabbage allowed me to take advantage of a bulk pricing opportunity to get additional inventory. As a repeat customer of Kabbage, I think their people set them apart from other lenders – they’re knowledgeable, friendly and really helpful."


Red Raven Boutique

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